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What's the difference?

The MiniRaceWing is a newly designed, crash resistant FPV fixed wing. Carbon fiber and foam combined into a very resilient and modular FPV race wing.
The wide speed envelope and the rigid design makes it perfect for casual pilots as well as for experts.
The super sturdy carbon fiber fuselage protects all the RC and FPV components, so you can enjoy the MiniRaceWing without worrying about damaging the plane in a crash.
Additionally, the MiniRaceWing has a specially designed wing mount to absorb high impact by releasing the foam wings from the fuselage at a specific force.
The wings attach to the wing mounts with carbon fiber rods, so you can mount whatever wing you like, even your own designs.
For transportation the MiniRaceWing can be separated into the wing halves and the fuselage. It easily fits into your backpack.



Wingspan: ca. 95cm (37in)

Length: 30cm - 40cm (11in - 15in)

Weight: 450g - 900g


  • super fast and agile FPV race wing
  • high quality carbon fiber
  • durable, rigid, crash resistant
  • compact size, easy transportation
  • quieter than similar planes
  • easy adjustable center of gravity
  • easy adjustable thrust angle
  • different FPV-cameras mountable
  • protected space for your RC and FPV gear
  • super rigid wing mount with crash release
  • adjustable wing mount for your DIY wings
  • HD-camera mount


Motor: 150W - 400W

ESC: 20A - 40A

Batteries: LiPo 3S - 4S 1300mAh - 3500mAh

Radio: min. 3 Channel


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